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The team at personalizemyvacation is committed to excellence. Finding the best deals for our travellers and managing trip details are just some of the ways we make your vacation planning easier. Get in touch to start customizing a trip.

Kids Spa Party

Spa Experience 60 min massage

from $100 usd per person

Most popular treatments

  1. Relaxing massage

  2. Hot stone massage

  3. Sweden massage

  4. Facial massage

  5. Foot massage

Image by Loreta Pavoliene

from $89 usd per person

Spinner Dolphins

from $159 usd per person + $15 usd tax

  • Wild dolphins and huge sea turtles

  • Coral Reef Snorkel

  • Birds sanctuary

  • Cocodriles in mangroves

  • Natural shallow pool in the ocean

Image by Filip Gielda

from $79 usd per person

There are 4 Mayan Arqueological Sites.

  1. Chichen Itza, the biggest Mayan City

  2. Tulum over a cliff by the ocean

  3. Coba, the tallest Mayan Pyramid in the jungle

  4. Ek Balam, a hidden Mayan City in the jungle

Scuba Diver and Corals

from $45 usd per person plus $13 usd tax

  • Isla Cozumel

  • Puerto Morelos

  • Puerto Aventuras

  • Isla Mujeres

  • Sea turtles at Akumal

  • Tropical fish at Yalku Lagoon

Image by Paul Chambers

from $55 usd per person

  • ATV, Cenote

  • 3 Zipline, ATV, Cenote, Temazcal Sauna

  • 4 Ziplines, ATV, Horse backriding, Cenote

  • 7 Ziplines, ATV, Rappel, Cenote

  • 11 Ziplines, ATV, Bungee swing, Cenote

  • 14 Ziplines, Buggee, Kayak in Caves

Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

from $70 usd per person plus $15 usd tax

  • Garrafon Park over the cliffs, snorkeling, zipline

  • Sailing boat with snorkeling, shopping time

  • Sailing boat with snorkeling, beach club, shopping

  • Sailing boat with snorkeling, VIP beach club, shopping

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas

from $69 usd per person

More than 3,000 sink holes named Cenotes

  • Open Cenote

  • Cave Cenote

  • Underwater river Cave Cenote

  • Private guided tours

  • Public

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