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Answer to your Questions

When should I book my tour? Ahead of my arrival or after arriving at the destination?

  • As soon as you have your vacation dates, it is important to check ahead of time your options available.

  • The sooner you book, the best chances you have to guarantee availability and best deals.

When are the best weather conditions to visit Riviera Maya?

  • All year long is tropical weather at Riviera Maya. It means that there are always sunny days and sometimes rain.

  • So, it is important to do not rely your vacation planning, on the weather forecast. Because it all depends on the exact location where the tour will take place. It is more accurate to check on the wind conditions if you are planning to go fishing, sailing or snorkeling.

  • When the forecast shows rainy day, it will last from 30 min to 2 hours maximum. Only when it is hurricane season (August to October) or if there is a tropical storm coming, it can be a little more of rain. However hurricanes are rare in Riviera Maya because there are Islands that protects the area.

Is there any restriction or medical condition that needs to be considered before booking?

  • Yes. It is important to check the age, height and weight limit, and the physical effort required. Some examples are:

  • Minium age required to go in some snorkeling activities is 7 years old

  • Maximum weight limit for ziplines is usually 300 lbs or 136 kg maximium

  • Minimum height limit is 459 ft or 1.40 mts for kids to swim with dolphins having a dorsal ride

  • It is recommendable to don't have knee problems or to don't be claustrophobic to do the underground river expedition

  • To enjoy a good snorkeling tour in the open ocean, it is super important to be a good swimmer and don't have emotion sickness

  • Minimum age to enter a night club is 18 years old

Which is the best tour for me and my family?

  • There are tours for all ages that can place everyone in your family. It all depends on your budget and preferences. Some examples can be:

  • Catamaran trips are suitable for all ages and preferences. It is a relaxing day in the turquoise blue Caribbean Ocean

  • Parks with different activities that can match diverse needs, such as snorkeling, shows, sightseeing, relaxing

  • However, it is always recommendable to talk with a local expert to answer some questions and get the perfect match for your family and your preferences

What extra fees are important to consider during the excursion?

  • Some tour companies do not include the pick up at your hotel, therefore it is important to consider the taxi from your accommodation to the meeting point for the pick up

  • Some snorkeling or catamaran tours have always a federal tax to use the pier, that is approximately $13 to $18 usd per person

  • Some mayan temples and natural reserves are also including extra governmental taxes from $10 to $20 usd per person

  • Photos and videos are always extra cost and depending on the company there are packages from $300 usd to 600 usd per family.

  • Parks always have additional activities that have extra cost from $50 to $169 usd per person per activity.

  • Tips are not included in the prices of any excursion or tour. It is not mandatory but it is important to consider that certified tour guides, crews and drives mainly live of tipping. In restaurants, a recommendable tipping is normally 10% to 20% of the total bill. In tours and excursions, it all depends on the quality of service that you are receiving. Approximately, tourists leave $3 to $10 usd per person depending on how many crew, drivers, or guides participate on the tour. | Phone (+52)553047-4630 |

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