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What Do You Need to Know?

Your Questions, Answered

How do I know what trip is right for me?

It is important to know all your preferences to give you the best advice. Experiences are personalized depending on your time, budget, preferences, health, age, needs, distance from your hotel and number of people. 

Verified tours' details, such as amenities and equipment included, cancellation policy for weather conditions, extra charges involved. 

How soon I need to book an excursion?

Promotions and prices change depending on the season and the packages. To get the best deals, it is recommendable to plan before your arrival at the destination and also to guarantee availability.

There are 3 high seasons: June to August, mid-December to January, Eastern week. The less busy months are September, October, November and February. 

Do I need a travel insurance?

When you book your trip using a credit card, normally there is an insurance included. Moreover, all our excursions include a basic healthy insurance from the moment that you get pick up until you get drop off.

It is recommened to bring only what you need and keep all your valuable documents or things in the safe box at your hotel.

Personalize my vacation offers

  1. Safety

  2. Comfort

  3. Quality

  4. Easy booking

  5. Multiple options

  6. Package deals

  7. Best price guarantee

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